Edward Li

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I do some cool stuff from time to time. Here are some of my projects:


⭐ Over 150+ Participants Across The Entire World! ⭐

InfiniHacks is a non-profit organization with a mission of delivering STEM education through real-world projects.


🏆 #1 Best Entrepreneurial Project @ Hack The North!

Live foot traffic analysis to help stores optimize layout, measure engagement, and enforce COVID-19 social distancing.


🏆 #1 Project @ Microsoft Encode Hackathon!

Industry-leading Computer Vision software to help companies, retailers, and stores enforce COVID-19 regulations.

Project Obsidian

Fully open-sourced and modular Python game server to emulate the original Minecraft 0.30 Server Protocol.


A Simple and Hackable Realtime Video Streaming Engine for Prototypes and Projects Alike!


Top-down roguelike dungeon crawler for CPSC 210's term project, with the game engine built from scratch.

UBCRocket Groundstation

UBCRocket real-time ground support software, collecting live telemetry from over 30,000 ft into space.


🏆 Top 3 @ Hacky Birthday MLH!

An AI-powered door system to ensure everyone entering has their masks properly fitted.

Distributed Covid Simulation

🏆 Best Distributed Hack @ Set.Hacks()!

Massively Parallel Distributed Monte Carlo Pandemic Modeling using DCP.


🏆 Best Health Hack @ CUHacking!

Distributed store management software for a post vaccine world. Helping to connect store owners to customers in a safe and contact-less environment.


⭐ In Over 1800+ Guilds! ⭐

A discord bot that generates memes on the fly! Used by over 10k+ members in over 1800+ guilds all across the world!


Artificial Intelligence Powered Slideshow Creation Utility. Hackathon Submission for Hack The North 2020++